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The Peiffer Rosca Wolf securities practice attorneys continue to pursue claims on behalf of investors who invested in programs sponsored by Thompson National Properties, LLC (TNP). Investors who have questions about recovery options associated with their TNP investments are encouraged to contact Alan Rosca or James Booker at 888-998-0520 for a free, no-obligation evaluation of… Read more »

Anthony W. “Tony” Thompson Permanently Barred from FINRA Anthony W. “Tony” Thompson, a real estate investor and the principal of Thompson National Properties, was barred from associating with any securities broker-dealer firm by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) in an order released by FINRA on March 30, 2015. Thompson was found by FINRA to… Read more »

TNP Investors Represented by the Peiffer Rosca Wolf Lawyers Continuing to File Claims for Their Losses TNP investors assisted by the Peiffer Rosca Wolf law firm’s lawyers continue to file claims for their losses related to investments in real estate investment programs sponsored by Thompson National Properties (“TNP”). Recently, Peiffer Rosca Wolf investor rights attorneys… Read more »

Tony Thompson and TNP’s lawyers have served notice to a federal judge in San Francisco that they wish to sever their relationship with Tony Thompson, and his firm, Thompson National Properties, citing a breakdown in communication and a failure by Thompson and TNP to pay their legal fees. Both Tony Thompson and Thompson National Properties,… Read more »

Thompson National Properties investors have sought the help of the Peiffer Rosca Wolf securities practice lawyers to try and recover losses associated with investments in a number of TNP real estate investment programs. Peiffer Rosca Wolf attorneys have initiated several cases on behalf of investors in TNP-sponsored programs, ranging from class action litigation to FINRA… Read more »

TNP investors represented by the Peiffer Rosca lawyers are seeking to recover their investments in a number of TNP-sponsored programs through litigation and arbitration proceedings across the country. The TNP lawsuits filed by the Peiffer Rosca lawyers on behalf of their clients seek compensation from TNP, its principals, and the brokerage firms that recommended to… Read more »

TNP and its principals transferred millions of dollars from TNP 2008 and another TNP program – TNP Profit Participation Program Notes – to other TNP affiliates between 2009-2014, according to documents obtained by the Peiffer Rosca attorneys who represent TNP investors. TNP Class Action Cases Filed by the Peiffer Rosca Lawyers on Behalf of TNP Investors The… Read more »

Strategic Realty Trust Inc., formerly known as TNP Strategic Retail Trust Inc., recently informed investors that the REIT’s valuation dropped by nearly 30%, to $7.11 per share from its former valuation of $10 per share. The Peiffer Rosca lawyers represent investors in TNP Strategic Retail Trust and other TNP programs including TNP 2008 Participating Notes,… Read more »

The Peiffer Rosca securities practice attorneys are pleased to announce that they have reached a satisfactory resolution on behalf of certain clients concerning claims against a Thompson National Properties (“TNP”)-sponsored real estate investment program.  The details of the settlement were confidential.  The Peiffer Rosca attorneys have filed three class actions and several FINRA arbitration proceedings… Read more »

In a letter to its investors dated February 14, 2014, Thompson National Properties (TNP) stated that it “cannot support its current debt load” and that its “current cash flows cannot service the debt” it currently has. In the letter, TNP proposed to adjust the interest payable to investors to what it calls “realistic interest rates,”… Read more »