June 3, 2013

Securities lawyers Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer have been retained by investors in a number of Thompson National Properties – sponsored real estate investment programs.   They are preparing to take action and seek compensation on behalf of their clients from companies and/or individuals that engaged in improper sales practices and misrepresentations, in violation of their duties.

Attorneys Rosca and Peiffer have been investigating several real estate programs organized and promoted by Thompson National Properties, including TNP 6700 Santa Monica Boulevard (“TNP Kodak”), TNP 2008 Participating Notes, TNP 12% Notes, and TNP Strategic Retail Trust.  Documents reviewed by attorneys Rosca and Peiffer indicate that some of the TNP – sponsored real estate investment programs have defaulted on interest or distribution payments to investors and/or on other financial obligations to lenders.  Attorneys Rosca and Peiffer have identified a number of improper sales practices and securities rule violations in connection with the sales of certain TNP – sponsored programs to some of the TNP investors.

“Real estate investment programs are only suitable for a small number of investors,” said attorney Rosca.  “Adequate disclosures must accompany such programs, so that investors are able to evaluate the risks of their investment.  We will seek compensation on our clients’ behalf from those who failed to disclose material facts and engaged in improper sales practices,” said attorney Rosca.

Investors in Thompson National Properties – sponsored programs may contact attorneys Jason Kane or Joe Peiffer for a free case evaluation at (216) 589-9280.

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