TNP and its principals transferred millions of dollars from TNP 2008 and another TNP program – TNP Profit Participation Program Notes – to other TNP affiliates between 2009-2014, according to documents obtained by the Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane attorneys who represent TNP investors. TNP Class Action Cases Filed by the Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane Lawyers on Behalf of TNP Investors The… Read more »

In a letter to its investors dated February 14, 2014, Thompson National Properties (TNP) stated that it “cannot support its current debt load” and that its “current cash flows cannot service the debt” it currently has. In the letter, TNP proposed to adjust the interest payable to investors to what it calls “realistic interest rates,”… Read more »

Berthel Fisher, a securities broker-dealer firm based in Iowa and with branches across the country, has been sanctioned and fined by the securities industry regulators for supervisory failures regarding its sales of non-traded REITs to its customers, among others. The Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane securities lawyers represent a number of investors in several cases, from class actions… Read more »

The SRT Shareholder Coalition, which includes Tony Thompson and Thompson National Properties (“TNP”) came to an agreement with Strategic Realty Trust, formerly known as TNP Strategic Retail Trust, to end the proxy battle that created much uncertainty concerning the future of TNP SRT. As a result of the agreement, Tony Thompson will no longer be… Read more »

Thompson National Properties affiliate TNP Securities, a broker-dealer that was owned and controlled by TNP founder Tony Thompson, has shut down. TNP Securities has been sued by the securities industry regulators and accused of fraud in connection with its promotion of several TNP-sponsored real estate investment programs. TNP Securities was one of the major promoters… Read more »

More TNP investors are contacting securities lawyers Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer to seek compensation for their investments in Thompson National Properties – sponsored programs. Investors in TNP 2008 Participating Notes, TNP 12% Notes, TNP Strategic Retail Trust, and TNP 6700 Santa Monica Boulevard (“TNP Kodak) represented by attorneys Rosca and Peiffer have filed or are in… Read more »

Tony Thompson, Thompson National Properties, and TNP Strategic Retail Trust are the defendants in a new class action just filed by securities attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer, along with their co-counsel, on behalf of certain TNP Strategic Retail Trust investors. This is the third class action filed by attorneys Rosca and Peiffer on behalf… Read more »

TNP Strategic Retail Trust has parted ways with Anthony W. Thompson, its founder and former principal.  TNP SRT has also changed his name by dropping “TNP” and is now known as Strategic Retail Trust. Anthony W. Thompson has recently been accused of fraud in connection with a number of investment programs organized and promoted by… Read more »

August 6, 2013 Today the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has accused Tony Thompson of defrauding investors in several TNP programs, according to media reports.  The regulators’ charges are similar in key respects to those contained in the two class actions filed last month by securities attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer on behalf of TNP… Read more »

Attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer are the first to have filed a class action on behalf of Thompson National Properties investors against a stock brokerage firm that promoted TNP-sponsored real estate investment programs, according to a recent media report. The report, which relied on interviews with attorneys from both sides, is available here: Attorneys… Read more »